Sofa Cleaning Services in Gurgaon

Sofa is the most important sitting place where all of us feel cozy and relaxed. Have you ever thought that piece of furniture contains too much pollution, dust mites, dust particles, bacteria and many other elements that pollute your sofa? SANTA Cleaning experts recommend cleaning sofa once in six months to make it pollution free and extend its life too.

Different parts of sofa need different cleaning techniques depending on their fabric and level of soiling. Our skilled cleaning expertise helps us deciding the best method to use and ensure that your upholstery is not damaged in any way. Our professional cleaners first check the sofa to understand its material, fiber used, fillers and backing materials. It helps us in finding the best sofa cleaning method for your sofa. Once the sofa is surveyed for cleaning, we start cleaning process.

Our Cleaning process deep cleaning services in gurgaon makes Sofa Upholstery fresh and hygienically clean. Our cleaning method and processes ensure that we clean, disinfect and sanitize every nook and corner with machines and multiple special organic cleaning agents that are specific to each task at your place.

Cleaning and protecting your furniture not only makes your home look great, it extends the life of one of your home’s primary investments. Technicians place extra effort on problem spots, attempting to lift stains as much as possible. Quick-drying treatment allows furniture to be used quickly after cleaning. Deodorizers and additional protectors available upon request.

Our Process

Our cleaning service includes tested and effective techniques for stain removal and provides a general deep upholstery cleaning that protects the fabric of your sofa and chairs. Our procss includes:

  • Initial inspection, in order to determine the proper cleaning method.
  • Our process is dry and chemical-free, so you don’t need to leave the house and you can use it straight away
  • Vacuuming of your Sofa, using a high powered vacuum with a special HEPA filter to remove dead skin cells, dust mites and their excrements and other unpleasant contaminants.
  • Application of a sofa cleaning solution, which kills germs and dust mites. The solution is well scented and it will protect your mattress from bacteria for the next 6 months. We also apply a mild stain remover on areas which require it.
  • Removing the excess solution and preparing your sofa for usage.
  • If the sofa is heavily stained and the regular treatment is ineffective, we also apply hot water extraction and other high powered stain removing techniques.

Benefits of Our Cleaning Service

There are many reasons for choosing us. To begin with, we:

  • Same day service availability and flexible booking hours
  • The service will prolong the life of your sofa
  • We’ll treat your sofa fabric with specially suited detergents
  • PH testing that determines what specific treatment the stains need